Catty Woods Time Lapse 2013

Wow! This is really cool. Brian Lewis set up a motion sensor camera in different parts of the Catty trails for a year capturing thousands of photos and complied them into this edit. I bet just about everyone who was at the trails last year is in there somewhere. I tried to look for myself with the Tree dudes, but  I don’t have the patience and gave up pretty fast—maybe if you were there you’ll have better luck. But whether you were there or not, it’s an interesting and different way to document one of greatest trail spots in the world and well worth watching.

“An expendable camera was set up in several high traffic areas at Catty Woods trails. The camera shot pictures every 30 seconds day or night (infrared) when triggered by motion. Between July and February the camera captured over 10,000 pictures, every visitor, and the change in seasons.

Trails season is just kicking off! Sign a wavier, check in at the PA Woods site, and lend a hand!”

Big Thanks to S&M, FITBIKECO, and Empire!