Broc Raiford & Hoang Tran in Ecuador – Part 1

Broc Raiford and Hoang Tran got invited to rep Odyssey down in Ecuador a few months back. Part 1 is mostly just some touristy stuff with a little bit of contest riding mixed in, but you do get to see them drink a cup of human spit and eat a roasted grub worm.

“ODSY VISION: Broc and Hoang’s Ecuadorian Adventure – Part 1: The Journey

Broc Raiford and Hoang Tran got the invite to Ecuador to hang out at El Coca Extremo, a contest a remote jungle town deep in the Amazon rainforest. That sounded awesome, so we jumped on the opportunity and afterwards headed to Quito, Ecuador’s capital and thriving metropolis, for some street riding. Check out part one of this two-part series that focuses on our journey to Coca and our time at the contest, and stay tuned for the street riding edit on Monday.