Brian Wizmerski from Shutterspeed’s “The Dawn”

This is easily the best video from BMX past that’s dropping today–Wiz’s section from Shutterspeed The Dawn. Much like the Shutterspeed videos, Wiz was entirely ahead of his time at the time of this video and this is one of his best sections of all time. It really encompasses all of the different riding Wizmerski came to be known for over the years–ultra tech street, out of the way fullpipes and trannies, and even moves on the trails 95% of you never would have expected the dude to have. I highly recommend pressing play on this one for a BMX history lesson…sit back, and enjoy.

It’s also worth mentioning that I saw this on Animal’s website, where they reminded the world again that Wiz has a full section in the upcoming Animal video, which should be out sometime in the very near future.