Brandon Webster – Welcome to MacNeil BMX

After parting ways with Hoffman, I figured Brandon would end up on MacNeil and just as the description calls out, the shot of Brandon chilling on a MacNeil in yesterdays Nocturnal Vol. 2 sort of removed all doubt. Anyway, Brandon absolutely kills it, so it’s definitely a good call having him on the squad.

“It's not much a secret after yesterday's 'Nocturnal Vol. 2' edit featuring Brandon Webster on a freshly built Borato V3 but we'd now officially like to welcome Brandon Webster to the MacNeil team! Brandon has been blowing up like crazy over the last couple years and we couldn't be happier to have him as part of the crew. His humble attitude combined with some of the wildest riding is a deadly combination and the fact that he's already good friends with some of the team makes everything that much better. This welcome edit was filmed over the course of a few nights at Joyride 150 Bike Park but watch out for tons more from Brandon to come and go follow him on Instagram at @webster_bmx!

Filmed and edited by Jeremy Deme.”