Brad Simms 10 Tricks in Munich

Ten tricks all performed in Munich by Merritt’s resident globe trotter extraordinaire, Brad Simms. The title pretty much told you everything you need to know, I just padded it a bit.

“This week’s 10 Trick Tuesday is brought to you from Munich, Germany where Philip Kölsch caught up with Brad Simms on his way back from China. The two headed to Feierwerk Skateplaza, a go-to spot for many local riders and skaters in Munich, and got right down to business. Despite some jet lag, Brad showcased one of the highest bunny hops in the game and also laid down some sick tech lines. Due to bad weather it took them two shoots to knock out all 10 tricks but we think it was definitely worth it. BMXer Brad Simms Bust Out The Tech Tricks In Munich | 10 Trick Tuesday, Ep. 3”