BMX 2014 – Pascal Lafontaine

Pascal Lafontaine makes a voyage from Quebec to put in work in Cali. If your into barspin variations then this edit will satisfy your urge.

“When Pascal Lafontaine asked me to come take photos of him in California, I was like : who is this guy? So after he forced me to buy my plane ticket, I followed him and his video maker, Nicolas. I honestly never thought I could have so much fun with these guys. We discovered that we had about the same level of stupidity and this was great (watch the San-Diego Making of and the Outtakes). About the shooting, I have to say that it took me patience because Pascal is not the kind of guy to give up on a trick he can’t land. But even if some tricks took more time, we were always able to shoot a few lines during the day and to come back at the hotel with some sick shots.”

-Michael Delatte

Filmed and edited by Nicholas Poitras-Gamache”