Blaine Mazzetti Edit

Blaine Mazzetti roasts some doubles in his latest edit. Good stuff from a kid who loves building jumps and ripping it up, check it out above.

I’ve only known Blaine for a month or two but I can say he is one of the most dedicated people to the BMX scene I’ve met. He would probably be a pro shredder if not for his love of building trails. Blaine is someone that all riders can respect, he is probably best known for his insane dirt jump lines, artfully crafted with the help of a solid crew that has probably put more time into building than anything else in life. It’s been really chill hanging out with Blaine and his friends, meeting new riders, and gathering footy a new video for Blaine has been super exciting! I’ve got to note that Blaine can throw down but he had an injury a while back so he has been getting back into all of his major tricks One thing to mention would be the fact that for the video he threw down a big trick he hadn’t done in over 8 months, and it only two tries for him to nail it! Thanks to Blaine, Shawn and Adam for building such amazing jumps to film!