BLACKOUT by Jack Birtles

I guarantee you’ve seen nothing like this… “Blackout” is an Australian scene BMX film by Jack Birtles that somehow went under the radar (despite being extremely unique). The intro alone stands out to me for being extra hyphy, and honestly I’m not sure what’s more impressive, the partying or the riding.

A Jack Birtles Film
Featuring – Raphael Jeroma-Williams, Thomas Dunn, Kyle Jacobson, Zac Woods, Anton Ayres, Adam Cox, Keahnu Doyle, Jye Stuart, Jack Birtles, Myles Belcham, Ben Lange, Drew Raison, Adam Butterworth, Keelan Troy, Shane Castle, Roman Walker, Nathan Seely, Daniel Watson Tom Stretton Justy Bumpstead, Micheal Beattie and Stephen Griffiths

Aditional filming – Kyle Jacobson, Adam Cox, Anton Ayres

Soundtrack –
Courtship – Health
The Man With The X-Ray Eyes – Bauhaus
Funnel Of Love – Wanda Jackson 
Sandstorm – Darude
Hot House of Omagararshid – The Yardbirds