Berlin Apartment Trip 2013

An all star crew of Nick Steben, Jeff Klugiewicz, Mike Hinkens, Grant, Castelluzzo, Rob DiQuattro, and Erik Elstran took a trip to Berlin last summer. The trip produced a couple of pretty memorable videos that came out already, but Nick Steben wanted to relive the memories and put out this video of some clips that didn’t make the cut.

“Better late than never, right? Last July, Nick Steben, Jeff Klugiewicz, Mike Hinkens, Grant Castelluzzo, Tippy, Rob DiQuattro and Erik Elstran made a trip over to Berlin, Germany to spend a month exploring the city and stacking clips. 

Nick had a bunch of footage from the trip on his hard drive that never found a home, so we had him piece it together for this new edit that’s a bit of a flashback Friday. Even though the footage is a year old now, it’s damn good and a great watch! Enjoy! 

Filmed and edited by Nick Steben”