Behind the Scenes of Adam Banton’s Winkelmann Grind Photo

Adam Banton sits down and talks over shooting his Odyssey ad that was in the December 2011 issue of our very own magazine:

Adam Banton tells a tale of corn dogs and icepick grinds that brought him to this magical spot in Salt Lake City where he shot his most recent print ad for Odyssey BMX.

Strobist info:
Canon 1Ds Mk2, Iso 125, f/8, 1/250th, Canon 15mm fisheye lens, Pocket Wizard Plus remotes, two Einstein flashes with medium reflectors in front and behind adam, at 1/4 power action mode and one Quantum T2 flash at 1/8 power directly over the photographer to fill in the shadows from the Einsteins.This photograph appeared in Ride Magazine in December 2011.

Video shot on Panasonic AF-100.

Photograph by @justinkosman, color grading by