Back Bone A.C.T. Team Mixtape

Proper, fast-paced park edit from the Back Bone crew. Definitely a good watch…plus, it’s the only web edit that’s been edited to Metallica in the last year that hasn’t made me angry.

“A collection of clips from most of the team who live in A.C.T. from the past year. Badass.

Kelvin Pentland, Jeff Bahr, Mike Ross, Tyson Jones-Peni, Michael Puniard, Raine Turnbull, Russell Brindley, Jack O’Reilly, Zac Miner, Will Gunn, Chris Harti

Filmed & edited by Brendan Boeck AKA B-Dog.

Filmed on: Canon MKII
15mm f2.8
28mm f1.8
50mm f1.8 ”