Anton Evstifeev Experiences Bali

My dude Anton Evstifeev made the trek from Moscow, Russia, to Bali, Indonesia, to experience the land, the people, and ride some BMX, too.


Thank you, Google Translate:

Bali island – is smiling people, tropical fruit, gorgeous sunsets and the world’s best surfing.

However, Anton Evstifeeva, unable to access the other side of Bali, because the journey instead of the board, he picked up the bike.

“Filmed fun. BMX-get-together on the island there, but the level of local riders, of course, be compared with Europe, and even more so with America. There’s even a decent parks, but on my bike ride there are not allowed. Work on roller took about two weeks. We’ve been riding around the island, looking for interesting spots, like go where no one did not. This results in a three-minute Edith, who, I think, perfectly conveys the relaxed atmosphere of the island, “- said Anton.”