Animal’s QSS #3 “Foreign & Domestic” Available for Digital Download

Now this is what’s really good–Animal’s QSS #3 video, “Foreign and Domestic,” available to download for five bucks from the Animal web store. As always, Bob Scerbo killed it on this entire production and the riding is so damn good. Jeff Kocsis starts it off with some of the most stylish setup riding seen to date, and Mike Hoder closes it out with a bang in his first section since getting on the Animal team earlier this year. Of course, there’s a thousand awesome things in between from the Animal crew–get to the store, drop some digital dough, sit back, and enjoy–you won’t regret this one for a second.

QSS #3 “Foreign & Domestic” featuring full parts from Jeff Kocsis and Mike Hoder, short parts from Max Gaertig and Wormz, mix sections with the rest of the team plus road trip footage from England, Canada and the Dominican Republic. ***Available via digital download only – no refunds!***