American-Made Journey of the Madera BMX Bantam Cranks

Madera just finished up some new 22mm cranks dubbed the Bantam, which are available any day now. One of the coolest parts of Madera products is that they are made in America, this video highlights that fact and shows the journey of the creation of the cranks from start to finish. Check this one out and see what the new Bantam cranks are all about.

“The Madera Bantam 22mm 3-Piece Crankset

-Heat treated, oversized 4130 chromoly crank arms
-22mm GDH CrMo axle with 8mm hex aluminum axle bolts.
-RHD – Either a Bolt on or spline drive sprocket can be used.
-LHD – Spine Drive Sprocket ONLY
-Bantam Crankset includes LH & RH crank arms, 22mm GDH chromo spindle, aluminum axle bolts/washers, and 22mm Crank Tool.
-Limited Lifetime Warranty to original purchaser.
Sizes: 165mm and 170mm
Colors: Matte-Black Powdercoat
22mm Chromo GDH Spindle- 227g/7.94 oz
170mm Right Arm: 320g/11.25 oz
170mm Left Arm: 309g/10.85 oz”

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