Alberto “Chivo ” Garcia A sunny morning in Estepona

I really didn’t know what to expect with this one since I had never heard of Alberto Garcia before. “Chivo” as he’s called, is pretty damn dialed and has all kinds of unique lines at this park.

“Now we have the new video of Alberto Garcia “Goat” on a morning sun on your local skatepark, “Estepona” Chivo rides as you can at this skatepark glad that despite all the difficulties that the design, sliding a pass, the coping ect … all who know the area know what I’m talking about, because as I say despite everything went 3 minutazos this video with a few tricks seen, especially creativity and style that is what gives us Chivo daily.

Filmer/edited: Yoni Cadenas.
Musica: Steve miller Band – Abracadabra.