ABQDNV – New Mexico Krew Mix

ABQDNV edits are always a good watch with solid riding and filming. This edit features a mix of their friends in New Mexico and has both park and street riding. Some good handrail moves in here which will make anyone happy…

“I am super pumped that the boys down in New Mexico have been out filming so much and putting video together for us to share with you. Derek Dorame has been manning the camera with some help from the team and they have been stacking a decent amount of footy along the way. From what it sounds like Derek and the homies are putting something together for our viewing pleasure.

Here is what Derek had to say, “A group of us New Mexicans around Santa Fe, Albuquerque, and Los Alamos have been filming and going on trips together for about 2 years now. We have all been working on a longer video project through out this time as well. No plans or word on when it will be done but this a just a taste of what we have been up to out here in the South West…”

Filmed and Cut by Derek Dorame

Riders in Order
Robert Baca,
Matt Gutierrez,
Derek Dorame,
Julian Garza,
Johnny Atencio,
Ryan Pipkin,
Alex Jaquez,
Kyle Elliot,
Dom Roark,
Andres Velasco,
Adam Accardi”