ABQDNV – I Got $5 On It Derek Dorame

ABQDNV is back with their I Got $5 On It series. This time Derek Dorame puts down a few solid clips for the cash…

“Finally the cold has broken!!! Plus I took a short trip down to ABQ and along the way I met with my good homie Derek Dorame who rides for S and M now out of Santa Fe, New Mexico. The Dude brings straight FIRE as always!!!! I always love filming with him because he is always learning and pushing his own riding so far and its just outrageous to me. He did half these clips a few times just because he was not into the way they looked and much less the amount of time it took him to do this. Dudes a machine to say the least, super excited to see what he comes up with for the few projects I know he is working on. Check it out and thanks for watching.

Rider – Derek Dorame

Music – J5ATRON – Crackle Barrel”