ABQ DNV – I Got $5 On It Shane VanVeldhuizen

ABQ DNV keeps the ‘I Got 5 On It‘ series going with Shane VanVeldhuizen at the amazing looking downtown Denver park…

“The weather here in Denver is a bit odd to say the least, warm days cold days then a foot of snow! As of now we are on good end of all that nonsense and on our way to warmer days and nights. Our first “I Got $5 On It” back in Denver brings us to the infamous D park (Downtown Denver Park) where we started this whole mini series. Shane VanVeldhuizen comes in hot at D park with smooth lines and his own take on the park, killing the manny line game! I love riding with Shane he kills it always with ease and in no regards for what anyone else is doing on there bike, rare to see these days to say the least. With that being said give Shane a watch ripping D park in Downtown Denver

Rider – Shane VanVeldhuizen

Additional Filming – Joe Poission

Music – Killa-K-Beatz – STANDBY