ABQ DNV – In Bars We Trust Jam

Here is an ABQ DNV edit of Denver’s In Bars We Trust jam which looked like fun time and resembled the old ghetto street jams which is cool..

“This was the first of many jams to come from what I have been told by my homie Preston, he is the man behind In Bars We Trust.

“In Bars We Trust is a movement in Denver, Colorado that is working to better the local BMX community. Our goal is to continue to support our growing culture with different events and artwork that facilitate and promote the BMX lifestyle. Together, we can all help further this mindset of “fun and community” for many years to come! Stay tuned and stay up!!” – Preston Levi

So check out what the first jam had to offer. not everything was filmed because well, it was nice out and i wanted to ride to say the least but we have so many killers in this video. All in all it was a great jam in his back yard with many more to come check it out.

Shout out to my home girl Tricia as well for getting those last two clips, thank you.

Music – J5ATRON – Spit Venom In Interview

Riders –
Joe Possion
Adrian Vigil
Josh Dunn
Pat Vigil
Sean Hanni
Mario Carrasco
Tremaine Stewart 
Dan Nielsen

Sorry if I didn’t get your name”