2011 Telekom Extreme Playgrounds Edit

Yesterday we showed you a few edits from this spine mini ramp contest in Germany, and today we have another. If you only want to watch one edit and get a good feel for what went down, check this one out. It’s worth watching alone for Mark Webb’s truck to fuf to down whip.

Pro Spine Mini Final Results:
1. Mark, Webb (GBR), 95,00
2. Daniel, Tünte (GER), 92,20
3. Alessandro, Barbero (ITA), 90,60
4. Ryan, Taylor (GBR), 90,40

Best-Trick Results:
1. Mark Webb (GBR): Truck to Fufanu to Downsidewhip
2. Harry Main (GBR): Flair Drop In from Sub Box
3. Daniel Wedemeijer (NL): Canadian Footjam Whip

Video by Markus Wilke.