2011 Nike HB BMX Pro Video Contest – 1st Place – Team Kachinsky

Here it is folks…the winning video from this year’s Nike HB BMX Pro. Brian Kachinsky chose Sean Sexton and Corey Martinez as his teammates, and they got to work with one of the best BMX videographers in the game, Will Stroud. Check out their edit here, and make sure you watch all the other videos from the contest, too, because they were all amazing.

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*Remember, the results of this event were based off of the team’s video combined with scores from two live jam sessions that took place over the weekend.

Video by Will Stroud.

Click here for videos and photos from the live jam sessions.

2011 Nike HB BMX Pro Final Results:

1st Place: Team Kachinsky

Total Score: 352.75

(Brian Kachinsky, Corey Martinez, Sean Sexton, Will Stroud)

2nd Place: Team Enarson

Total Score: 332.25

(Dennis Enarson, Tammy McCarley, Josh Harrington, Christian Rigal)

3rd Place: Team Wise

Total Score: 298.75

(Rob Wise, Pat Casey, Dakota Roche, Justen Soule)

4th Place: Team Phelan

Total Score: 261.75

(Jason Phelan, Maxime Chaveron, Jeremiah Smith, Stew Johnson)

5th Place: Team Reynolds

Total Score: 232

(Garrett Reynolds, Augie Simoncini, Danny Hickerson*, Kelly Bolton, Tony Ennis)

*Danny Hickerson injured his knee and had to pull out of the contest mid-week. He was replaced by Kelly Bolton