19th Street Trails / UHL

Total flashback right here. Back in 1996 former Ride BMX editor Chris "Roni" Hargrave and I took a trip out to Phoenix to do a little article on the locals. The 19th Street trails were one of the spots we hit up to shoot with guys like Pat Murphy, local legend Ron, and Eric hitting the jumps, and The Gonz doing barspins out of wallrides. That article was in the June/July 1996 issue. Pretty wild seeing footage of all of those guys and a few more in this edit filmed a couple years later. There's even some cameos from Barspinner Ryan, Marvin Lotterle, and Chris Moeller. This was AZ/West Coast dirt in the late '90s—it ain't pretty, but it was still awesome and worth the watch if you were around back then and remember that article.

"The 19th Street and Union Hill trails. UHL! We shot this in 1998."