It has been quite a while since a team has posted some top notch exciting news. Of course there are always riders coming and going and endemic (industry) sponsors changing. The dark side of the subject though is the lack of major news surrounding teams nowadays. Luckily, the cartel at Tangent has flipped the script and given us a big slap in the face. The slap showing everyone out there that it is possible to bring in MAJOR brands to support your program.

Rich Pelton, owner of Tangent and Rift, released at this year’s Grand Nationals that their factory team would have the full backing of Rockstar Energy for the 2017 year. The brand has made it’s biggest waves in BMX by being a long time partner with the Factor Redman team, and now they take another step with the elite club of cartel riders. BMX continues to be snubbed by major sponsors. Perhaps Rockstar showing another support line opens the doors for other possibilities.

The team will rock custom Rockstar/Rift jerseys. Even better, their long time relationship will continue with Fly Racing as they will be able to provide the remainder of their kts. Fly has had an ongoing relationship with Rockstar and makes a complete Rockstar kit – those helmets, pants, and gloves play perfectly into one of the dopest kits of 2017.


To finish off the next five bullets of Tangent’s high-caliber six shooter, they have added five new riders. Three professional level shredders and two am’s will complete their already stacked team. For the amateurs, Tyler Grigsby makes his return in cartel colors after a year hiatus. Joining him will be Bryant White. He is also coming off of a break from the track, but has a fire hotter than the deepest depths of hell to get back on top of the podium. No doubt he will be contending for the #1 amateur title this next season.


Tyler Grigsby ~ Factory Rift/Rockstar
Bryant White ~ Factory Rift/Rockstar

For the Pro ranks, the Tangent crew are coming in hot. First on the list of top-level assassins is better known as “The Darkness.” Damn, that name just gives you chills in the gate. Marquise Montgomery has had a solid season in the A Pro ranks and will continue to push the limits, and competition in 2017. Second on the list comes their international recruit and Olympic teammate of Maris Strombergs – Rihards Veide. What a home run for these guys. Rihards is one of the top international contenders and has a glass ceiling of potential. Even better being from a country that LOVES BMX. I mean, Latvia does have more gold medals in BMX than any other country.


Marquise Montgomery – Factory Rift/Rockstar
Rihards Veide ~ Factory Rift/Rockstar

Last, but certainly not least, the final addition. Welcome the pride of Texas – Hunter Pelham. This kid has been on fire and just capped off a killer season with an A Pro Grand Nationals win. That also earned him an automatic bid to move up into the elite ranks for 2017. Butter would be proud HP, now is your time to get on the gas and not let off.

Hunter Pelham ~ Factory Rift/Rockstar   

Rich Pelton and his crew have outdone themselves. This could quite possibly be the most powerful team he has fielded in years. They are known to not get involved with the teamsheet battle, but nonetheless they could draw team of the year with these rockstars. Especially with their already talented crew. 2017 is gonna be a big year for Tangent, Rift, Rockstar, and all involved. Now let’s watch it all unfold…

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Cover Photo: Steve Diamond