Know Your Roll has been a staple in the RIDE BMX content pool for quite some time. Now that we have the race side of things rolling along, we figured it was time to join in. For the first of many “Know Your Roll” race edition pieces, it only made sense to kick it off with one of the most legendary brands in BMX – Supercross.

The brand has been around for over 25 years and has proven to be one of the best in the game. Even better is that Bill Ryan has put loads back into the racing scene. With so many "garage brands" popping up and trying their hand in race, SX continues to stand out as a major player. So few brands truly continue great support within the industry, but that is a rant for another time.

Going back to the 2013, I was at InterBike as Editor of PULL Magazine. During that trip Bill Ryan had the resin mold of what was to become his new carbon flagship frame for the Supercross brand. Many can remember the first go at carbon back in the day, and it did not end well. Luckily times have changed and technology has taken a massive leap forward over the years. This also laid true with the new BLK.

Fast forward to present day and the frame has been widely received by the BMX racing community. Light, stronger, faster has always been shouted by the masses. Supercross delivered with their BLK and has continued to push that momentum around the globe. While they may not have been the first, they certainly have a strong stance at being considered the best.


Behind the Design…

One of the biggest pluses came from the use of Toray carbon – which is highly touted as one of the best available for carbon productions. With their utilization of high modulus weaves and nano alloy resins, the brainchild that is Bill Ryan was able to create a highly capable and next level frame.

"We worked with the world's leading carbon suppliers to create the Supercross Envy BLK. It took over five years to hit the market. It was worth it to ensure that we had the best material available to build racers the lightest, stiffest, and fastest carbon race frame possible." – Bill Ryan


The Goods…

In the beginning this frame was reserved for the older riders. Pro, Pro Plus, Pro XL, and XXL were the only sizes found. Now with the warranted demand the brand has added, Junior, Expert, and Expert XL sizes to the line. That gives you the freedom of building one up for everyone in the family!

New for this past year was the addition of matte colors. Bill has always been known to post wild one off photos of his frames that people crave, but they are usually reserved for special customers or team riders. For now, you can grab the Supercross BLK in a gloss or matter gun metal/silver, white/silver/carbon, white/cyan blue, hi vis/cyan, fire orange, red/silver, matte red/black, matte fire orange, black/white/red, black/hi-vis/carbon, and yellow/carbon/silver. With so many colors there is no reason you cannot find one you like. Now if he could only make a "blackout" frame for us, we would be set!




Final Thoughts…

You can grab your very own Supercross Envy BLK for right at $1200. While that is a steep price tag compared to the aluminum standard, it is right in line with the industry. Plus, it is carbon, and we all love that. So hit your local bike shop and request one of these bad boys to really kick off your 2017 campaign with a bang.

There should be little doubt that this is one of the best frames on the market. It is packed full of technology to provide you with everything you need. Graphics that are quite possibly the most factory looking in BMX. And this thing rips like a dream. Trust us, there is a reason Anthony Dean signed on to ride one for this year and beyond.

For more information, check out and check out their complete line of track ready products. Feel like you need an Envy BLK in your lineup? Visit your local shop and make them order up your next dream machine that can take you to the top of the podium.