Sunday Introduces Primer and Primer Jr. Complete Bikes

Sunday just released the news that they had to rename their Spark and Lil Spark bikes to the Primer and Primer Jr. See what they officially had to say about it below:

We're excited to announce the release of the Sunday Primer and Primer Jr. What is the Primer? Due to circumstances beyond our control, we've had to rename the Spark and Lil Spark. The Primer and Primer Jr. are the same affordable and reliable bikes, just with a new name. To celebrate this name change, we are releasing 3 new colors in two sizes. First, we have a new 21" TT size that is offered in Matte Silver and Blue Wave colors. Next, we have a Seafoam Green in a 20.5" TT size. Look for the new colors of the Primer and Primer Jr available starting late next week.

You can also check out a full gallery of photos of the Primer and Primer Jr. in the gallery above.