Subrosa’s 2013 Malum Complete Bike

Damn, Subrosa really stepped it up with their 2013 Malum Complete. You kids don’t know how good you guys have it these days with completes:

You have got to get to a shop and check this bike out in person. The amount of aftermarket parts on the Malum is just rediculous for a complete bike. Just a ton of color matched Shadow Conspiracy and Rant components make these bike stand out in a crowded skatepark, street session or trail jam. Not to mention the frame, fork and bars are full chromoly, and all the bearings are sealed. For 2013 we've also lengthened the top tube to 20.75" and raised the standover height to 9". The whole package weighs in at only 25.3 lbs! Take a look at Lars putting in work on the Malum to get an idea of how good the bike rides, and to see how much abuse this bike can take.