Madera’s New Drive Side Hub Guard

With four pegs being huge these days, it is no surprise that companies are making products to keep up with the demand of the average 2012 peg rider. Madera just sent through their latest product, a drive side hub guard:

Back in November, Jeff Klugiewicz had the idea of helping us design a drive side hub guard.
After months of design, testing, and re-design, here is the finished product! I have been personally testing the hell out of one for months now, and they work AWESOME! – Mike

Bullet points:
-Made out of 7075 aluminum.
-Steel press piece that substitutes the drive side jam nut. The guard will work as your new cone spacer and jam nut.
-Integrated aluminum 14mm step for your drop out that serves as an anti-rotational pin.
-Comes in RHD or LHD. Make sure you get what side you need!
-Works on Profile Mini, Profile Totem, and Madera V-2 hubs.
-63 grams/2.2 ounces.

MSRP: $29.95