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Introducing The Subrosa Urban Terrain Bike

Subrosa‘s big bikes have been in development for awhile now and today sees the debut of the ultimate BMX-inspired road bike. Unlike most road bikes, you’re not confined to pavement with the UTB, it’s just as dialed on hard packed dirt, clay, and gravel. Hit subrosabrand.com to read everything you need to know about the UTB and the rest of the Big Bike line.

“In our quest to cover what you ride from Cradle to Grave, we are stoked to officially introduce you to our newest bikes we've dubbed the UTB or Urban Terrain Bike. The Subrosa UTB is an all new way of thinking for Subrosa. We set out to blend the feeling of BMX with the speed and comfort of a commuter bike and the UTB was created. You no longer need to fear the end of the sidewalk! Check out all the details now!”

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