Gallery/Results: Anarchy in Anderson


The third stop of the 2012 Am Flatland Circuit went off in the Midwest.

The Anderson, Indiana, public skate plaza was host to the first ever Anarchy In Anderson flatland contest on August 4th. As part of the 2012 Am Flatland Circuit, more than 40 riders from across the U.S. and Canada showed up to compete for valuable points that will go towards their year-end standings in the circuit.

On the evening before the contest there was a pre-jam at the park for everyone to session together and get used to the new riding surface while catching up on what's been going on since they last saw each other at the second stop of the Am Flatland Circuit in Joplin, Missouri, in April.

Buffalo, New York's Shaun Lapsley came out on top of the novice class after putting together lots of original front wheel links, proving he has been progressing like crazy since he came onto the scene a few years ago. Ivan Adamiec out of York, Pennsylvania, competed in two classes and ended up winning the veteran division with his old school flavor and combination of front and back wheel combos.

After great runs from all the novice and veteran competitors, the skies opened up and it rained for half an hour during the expert qualifying runs. Luckily it didn't take long for the event staff to dry the surface and the experts were able to finish their prelims and finals before Mother Nature decided to rain on the proverbial parade once again just as the pro class was about to start.

The park was soaking wet and the sun was quickly disappearing, so the event organizers and riders weighed all their options and decided to hold the pro contest inside the DIY skate shop adjacent to the park. The dark and damp indoor atmosphere gave the event an underground feel reminiscent of the movie "Fight Club." The five competing pros threw down in the tight space, and when all was said and done, Montreal, Canada's Jean-Francois Bouilanne was standing on top of the podium. JF's runs were extremely consistent and packed with difficult front wheel switches that had everyone in the room on their feet screaming with excitement.

The final stop of this year's Am Flatland Circuit will be held at the Texas Toast Jam in Austin on October 13th and 14th.

Anarchy In Anderson is sponsored by Flatland Fuel, S&M Bikes, Freegun Underwear, Deco, The Byke Project, Fiksd Apparel, Hoosier Mattress, Main Street Fruit Market, Buckskin Bikes, Indiana State Of Mind, Diversion TV, HDJ, Quintin Hats, and Ecksteins House Of Awards.

1. Shaun Lapsley
2. Fox Kinsman
3. Paula Callery
4. Lea Dobrowski
5. Paul Newkirk
6. Nathan Silva
7. Liberty Armstrong
8. Addison Moore

1. Ivan Adameic
2. Mike Smick
3. Jeff Brown
4. Hiro Tsuchida
5. Mark Mundt
6. Tony Strickler
7. Tim Neff
8. David Larocca
9. Paul Hahn

1. Joel Schallhorn
2. Todd Carter
3. Prasheel Gopal
4. Austin Luberda
5. Bryan Huffman
6. Zunwu Zhou
7. Micah Murray
8. Ivan Adamiec
9. Kenny Boucher
10. Ron Monis
11. Alex Poirier
12. Omari Cato
13. Lincoln Harberger
14. Steve Lapsley
15. Alan Young
16. Johnny Tamayo
17. Joe Cicman
18. Mike Smith
19. Josh Hansen

1. Jean-Francois Boulianne
2. Andy Cooper
3. Mark Kuhlmann
4. Todd Gully
5. Jon Dowker