Fiend’s Embryo Frame

Along with a sneak peek of Ty Morrow’s signature frame, Fiend dropped a preview of their Taiwanese-produced Embryo frame, which complements the Embryo forks they showed photos of a few months back:

The Embryo frames will be available early July. The crews been on these for over a year now, putting them through the paces to make sure they will stand up to the abuse. More info soon.

The Fiend guys need parts that hold up to the damage they do to them, so both of these products will more than likely be able to take anything you’ll throw at ’em. Good looks on Fiend’s part for producing a part with some strength to it, even if it does mean adding on a few ounces. It’s also good to see a Taiwanese option from the company for various reasons–the sometimes less expensive alternative, the increased quality and technology advances they have made in recent years, and the regular schedule that can get a quality product to customers on a regular basis. There’s no doubt Garrett and the boys will do these products right.