2009 Chicago Dew Tour – Behind The Scenes Photo Gallery

Ya know, not all that goes on during a busy contest weekend is flips and whips. There are also lots of rad dudes hanging out, some cute chicks wondering about, and of course wild nightly parties. Amidst all the insane action we were filming we also caught some of the behind the scenes stuff that went down last weekend in Chicago, so check out these 40 photos to see very few people ever get to see from a Dew Tour.

Disclaimer: There may be pros’ girlfriends in here. The candid photos of them were shot with all due respect to the individuals in the images and to their respective partners. So…A-Naps, Pinter, and all the rest…please don’t punch me in the face! High five for having smokin’ chicks!

All photos and captions by Fat.