What’s Good With Butcher?

Photo courtesy of Animal Bikes

Animal’s What’s Good? features are super dope. Simple, quick, and to the point, the recurring interview series is always done with the right dude at the right time. Joe “Butcher” Kowalski has been enjoying Pennsylvania’s milder winter and apparently had a great time on a recent trip to The Bakery, pretty much giving the facility a complete co-sign:

“You can move ledges around, you can pretty much make whatever you like. And if you can't set up whatever's there you can build it.  It's awesome; I wish I could have a lot more time there. There's so much more I want to do there. I could never be finished there; I don't think anyone would be. It's endless.”

It doesn’t get more legit than Butcher giving a street focused facility a thumbs up. Hit up the Animal site to check it out.