Walter Pieringer New Odyssey & Sunday Team Manager

Big news from the Odyssey/Sunday camp: Walter Pieringer is the new team manager for both brands. Read what both companies had to say below:

January 15, 2013 (Norwalk, California) 

Odyssey has had the opportunity to work closely with Walter Pieringer throughout the years in various ways. We have always been a fan of his photography, video work, ability to orchestrate projects and most importantly, his professional work ethic. With all that said, we are happy to welcome Walter aboard as the new Odyssey TM.  

Walter has a proven track record and will continue to coordinate his unique brand of content with the Odyssey crew. Furthermore, Walter will also be working in a similar capacity with our stable of brands: Sunday, Gsport & Flatware. We are all excited for 2013 and beyond. 

Here is what some of our team riders had to say:

Tom Dugan:

“Hell Yeah!!  Walter knows best, trust me.”

Eric Lichtenberger:

“That guy is multi-talented, in many ways. And he is a good dude.”

Aaron Ross:

“Couldn’t be more stoked, I have a good friend as my new team manager. Looking forward to continuing to travel and work together more!

Gary Young:

“Walter is one of those individuals that happens to be amazing at whatever he puts his mind to. Giving him the reigns to guide the Full Factory teams is going to be an adventure to say the least.  I am excited to be a part of it. ”  –Odyssey BMX

And from Sunday:

Big news time!  After being the team manager from our inception in April of 2005, I've decided it was time to focus on other duties at Sunday and step away from the team manager role.  It's been a great 8 years in this role, but Sunday has grown so much that it was time to bring on a new TM.  In doing so, I would like to introduce Walter Pieringer as Sunday's new TM.  Walter's an amazing photographer, filmer and trip organizer, so it make sense for him to step into this new role. He will also be working with Odyssey as their TM as well.  Look for him and the rest of the Sunday team on the road starting soon.

Walter's photography website

Check out this clip of Walter's second run on the Mega Ramp.  Watch it here

-Jim Cielencki


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