Van Homan On Almond Footwear

Boom. Van Homan has made the switch from Ipath to Almond. Sidenote, I haven’t confirmed this with everyone that’s on Ipath, but I believe most people are done since their contact Brian Osborne has moved on. I know Shane Weston is off and possibly Alex Magallan, as well. But Anyway, onto the good stuff…here’s a statement from the Almond crew:

“I’m going to cut right to the point here, Almond Footwear is proud and excited to announce the addition of Van Homan to the pro team and we are super pumped to start work together on his signature shoe.”

Heres what Van had to say:
” I’m excited to be part of a shoe company whose sole focus is BMX.  Working with a rider owned brand like Almond makes communication easier and that means getting good things done faster.  We’re already working on some trips and a signature shoe together.  I’m proud to announce that I’m riding for Almond Footwear and looking forward to getting some filming and footwear projects rolling.”