Tony Neyer on Dan’s Comp

From Dan's Comp…

Welcome To The Dan's Comp Team, Tony Neyer!

We are stoked to announce that Cincinnati's own Tony Neyer has been added to the Dan's Comp team for 2012. Tony has worked with the team in the past, doing autograph signings at events, having a bunch of solid clips in the Dan's Comp Winter Tour edit, and with his "dual residency" in Long Beach, California during the cold months as well as home in Ohio part of the year, he is representing two distinct parts of the country. Besides being a good dude, Tony is a savage on a BMX bike! Tony rides for Verde and Primo, and there are big plans in the works with Tony and the rest of the team for 2012. Here's a funny Dan's related childhood memory and some words about joining the team from the man himself:

"I remember being a kid and saving up for weeks to get money to give to my homies' dad so that he could order my stuff out of the Dan's Catalog. Looking back now it was a funny situation cause anyone could order from Dan's, he just made it seem like when he did it, the order would come faster. Really, everything usually came next day because it's only 5 hours from my hometown. Dan's Comp has been in my life as long as I've had a bike and I'm super stoked to get added to the team. Can't wait to see what next year brings."

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