Sunday’s 2012 Complete Bike Catalog

Jim C. over at Sunday has posted their 2012 complete bike catalog online. See all the new bikes here.

"We’ve posted out 2012 Complete Bike catalog online. For this year, the trusted bikes like the PRO, EX, AM and Scout are in there as well as some new treats for you.  First, the Spark is our new starter bike designed with the most modern geometry that will get the newest rider excited about BMX.  Next, the Model C has been updated to a 22" top tube, a14.625" rear end length and 7.75" bar height.  Lastly, we present our best bike ever!  The new Forecaster Special combines the best aftermarket parts package with aftermarket Sunday Forecaster frame, Morning 2.1 forks and Tall T bars.  Available right now at your a Sunday dealer near you." —Jim