Sean Sexton Off Cinema and Now Full Odyssey

Sean just announced via Twitter that he will no longer be riding for Cinema Wheels opting to be “full factory” (it’s early and I can’t think of a better term) with Odyssey, basically meaning that if ain’t Kink frame/fork/bars, it’s Odyssey. Cinema also posted an official statement on their site:

"Losing team riders is never easy, especially when it's a guy like Sean Sexton. Sean was one of the OG Cinema team riders when the team formed in 2010 and has kept us laughing and smiling on every trip since then. His powerhouse riding style combined with his witty jokes makes him really fun to travel with and he will be missed by the Cinema crew. Sean was offered a nice opportunity to ride all Odyssey parts, which means he will no longer be running Cinema Wheels. Best of luck to Sean and Odyssey on their future endeavors." — Will Stroud, Cinema Team Manager and Filmer

Odyssey just sent out a statement:

“I’m pleased to announce that Sean Sexton is now a full-Odyssey rider. Sean has been on Odyssey flow since 2006 and Odyssey pro since 2010, but we’ve been “sharing” him with our friends at Cinema Wheel Co.  Sean is awesome and naturally we want to do more with him, so we decided to step it up and make him full-Odyssey, so now he’s on our wheels, too.  Well, if you want to get technical, Odyssey doesn’t make a freecoaster at the moment, so he’s mostly on our wheels.  But, even more good news, we’ve been working on a new freecoaster design for the past six months, and Sean will be on a prototype very shortly.  More details soon!” – Walter Pieringer, Odyssey TM

Now, what’s going to happen to that Cinema DVD footage Sean has been stacking?