Scotty Cranmer – Post Surgery Update

Photo: Justin Kosman

Here’s the latest on Scotty Cranmer’s condition. I’ll let you take most of the information below in yourself, but I feel the need to explain the “incomplete spinal cord contusion” mentioned below. What that means, in easy terms, is that his spinal cord is fractured, not broken. And this is a good thing. To quote someone far smarter than I am: “An incomplete spinal cord injury is the term used to describe damage to the spinal cord that is not absolute. The true extent of many incomplete injuries isn’t fully known until 6-8 weeks post injury.  The spinal cord normally goes into what is called spinal shock after it has been damaged.” As Scotty continues to progress, heal, and fight, the true extent of the damage will become more apparent…and I have a gut feeling that we’ll continue to get good news.


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Earlier today as doctors did their rounds they informed us that the brain hemorrhage is healing well on it's own and will not require surgery. R2R is in the hospital with Scotty's family and we just got this update as Scotty was transferred from the operating room to recovery. The doctor came out and said everything went well regarding stabilizing his spine. The surgeon clarified the injury and said that he has a C4 INCOMPLETE spinal cord contusion. The surgeon also fused C4 and C5 to add stability to the area of injury. Incomplete meaning that he can work hard and fight to fix the damage, but he's not just going to wake up okay. "It's really good news. It's going to be a battle but Scotty can do it! You guys know how much fight and determination he has. He's got this." Scotty's wife, Lisa Cranmer.

With the help of R2R and the case workers of the hospital applications are going out in the morning to secure a top level rehab facility for his injuries. If all goes well Scotty may be transferred before the end of next week. The comments and support from his friends, family and YouTube Subscribers has been overwhelmingly positive. We have shared your comments with Scotty and his family and the support really does make a difference. R2R is also currently working with Scotty's insurance company to better understand what they will and will not cover. We know already they will not cover his medical transport to rehabilitation and that can be anywhere from $15k to $45k.

R2R will continue to assist the family through this difficult time and prepare them with information and guidance to give Scotty the best possible opportunity available! Your support is greatly needed and appreciated.”


Incase you didn’t see the video update from Big Boy…