Road Fools Website Now Live

Hit up the new Road Fools website to sign up for a mailing list for information on the all new remastered Road Fools box set. Road Fools 1-18 will be available in pristine quality as a Blu-ray box set, with a re-edited and re-mastered edition. As Props owner Chris Rye mentions in his ESPN interview, Road Fools 1 was never mastered digitally, only in an analog S-VHS format. Rye is currently in the process of re-capturing and re-editing the entire project to show off the project in the most high quality format possible. Keep in mind that Road Fools 1 was shot with a VX1000, which is still to this day making videos (though it has decreased in prominence over the years) and has made many classics since. Oh yeah, this box set is also going to come with a book and both Rock and Roll Fools tour videos, which brings the total to 20 amazing roadtrip classics in one collection.

After many requests over the years, we've begun work on a Blu-ray box set with all the RF videos 1-18 and the two Rock-n-Roll Tours, slotted for a summer 2013 release.

The box set will feature a digital re-mastered version of Road Fools 1, painstakingly re-edited from the original VX1000 DV footage tapes, and with a new 48kHz soundtrack.
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In addition we're putting together a Road Fools book, which will be available as a traditional printbook and also an interactive iBook downloadable on iPads. Look for it near year's end.