Rick Thorne’s Join The Army Skatepark Tour 2009

I designed the Join The Army Skatepark Tour 2009 to try and inspire riders and skaters that might not get many chances to be or get sponsored to help them follow their dreams. The tour consists of BMX and skate jam-style contests at indoor parks looking for the next Monster Army Rider to be on the Monster Army Team, basically whoever rips the park the best that day is on for one year. My band Good Guys In Black will be playing at each stop while everyone can ride and skate at the same time and giving kids a chance to see live music. I am hosting the event as well as riding, singing, and have booked, designed, scheduled and created this tour, it has been a long time coming and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without Monster Energy, who is the sponsor of the tour. The event is going to go off, the parks are stoked, and kids are too. So if we are in your town bring it, homie—strut your style, go big, and let’s rock-n-ride! —Rick Thorne


January 23
The SPA Ramp
Venice, CA

January 24
Skatelab Skatepark
Semi Valley, CA

January 27
Eisenburgs Skatepark
Plano, TX

January 28
Freestyle Skatepark
Kennedale, TX (outside of Dallas, TX)

January 29
Ramp Ranch Skatepark
Austin, TX

January 30
Skatespot Skatepark
Lafayette, LA (outside of Baton Rouge)

January 31
Goodwheel Skatepark
Conway, AR (outside of Little Rock)

February 1
Ramp Riders Skakepark
St. Louis, MO

February 2
Ollies Skatepark
Florence, KY (outside of Cincinnati, OH)

February 3
Flow Skatepark
Columbus, OH

February 4
Chenga 2 Skatepark
Brook Park, OH (outside of Cleveland)

February 5
Chenga 57 Skatepark
Lorian, OH (outside of Cleveland)

February 6
Transitions Skatepark
Dearborn Heights, MI (outside of Detroit)

February 7
Four Seasons Skatepark
Milwaukee, WI

February 8
Four Seasons Skatepark
Madison, WI

February 9
3rd Lair Skatepark
Golden Valley, MN (outside of Minneapolis)

February 10
Saylor Skatepark
Des Moines, IA

February 11
Autumn Skatepark
Joplin, MO

February 14
Skatecity Skatepark
Las Vegas, NV

February 15
The Compund Skatepark
Lake Perris, CA