Redline Reveals Carbon Fiber Race Frame – Project 79

Redline has been creating a buzz around the Internet for something called “Project 79” and today they reveled it as a $999 carbon fiber race frame and hub system that is set to be on sale this August.


Press Release:

Never before has Redline gone to such lengths to introduce a new bike model for BMX.
This is Redline’s Ultimate frame; built to win the Ultimate BMX race…

Redline researched and considered many different materials for Project 79. After much deliberation it was decided that carbon fiber would be the ultimate choice for this frame. Carbon Fiber gave engineers and designers the ultimate flexibility in design and a great strength to weight ratio. Redlines Carbon fiber manufacturing process also allows us to add or subtract the amount or type of fibers in certain areas of the frame. This allowed Redline to fine tune the weight, stiffness and the ride quality of this frame. With test data from labs and real life feedback from the top riders in the world Redline was able to dial in the perfect combination.

The Redline Flight Carbon frame is 100% designed and engineered by Redline. Every aspect of this frame was re-thought with the goal of getting to the finish line first. An oversized Bottom bracket in conjunction with a new 15mm thru-axle rear hub gives you the ultimate snap out of the gate and ensures that all the energy you deliver to the crank is transferred to the rear wheel. The large 54mm headtube reduces lateral flex for precise and stable steering, while the integrated chain adjusters have built in sight windows to make wheel alignment easier. Stiffeners were added to the seat stay area and brake mounts are pierced for reliable braking performance.

RCT: Redline Carbon Technology
•    Oversized Bottom Bracket Junction. · Increased stiffness for the ultimate snap out of the gate.
•    Large 54mm headtube for unsurpassed strength and flex free handling.
•    Bonded Aluminum Bearing races.
•    Full carbon dropout with bonded aluminum faces. ·Integrated chain adjusters with sight windows for easy wheel alignments.
•    Stiffeners were added to the seat stay area. ·Brake mounts are pierced for reliable braking performance.
•    15mm Thru Axle, 20% Stiffer then standard 3/8″ axle. ·Thru Axle design for easy wheel change.
•    Full Carbon Construction. 25% Lighter than current Flight R6 alloy frames.


Redline began work back in 2009, to create the most ultimate, extremely lightweight Pro-sized bike the sport has ever seen. One that could withstand the extreme elements of a UCi SX track.
We wanted to design a carbon fiber frame that could give an advantage to the Redline Global riders as they head toward London 2012.
In the tight-knit BMX industry, where it’s hard to keep a secret, Redline began the operation under total secrecy for the first year – until our Factory riders got their first glimpse at drawings during last years’ UCi Supercross in Chula Vista.

In February of this year, 14 of the fastest BMX racers from around the Globe, representing 4 countries (USA, Australia, Canada and The Netherlands), gathered in Phoenix, Arizona to test the first two prototype carbon bikes. By the end of the day, they were ecstatic about the prospects of a lighter yet stiffer frame. With such a noticeable weight difference, they felt they had better control of the bike; especially when getting kicked around by high winds over a set of 35 foot doubles.

“We could whip it in the air  any way you want…”

was the most common response from Redline’s potential Olympians. Coming in to this test, some of them were curious about how a stiffer frame would handle in turns. But as they felt how it powered out of the slick dirt berms just as well as their R6 Alloy frames do, any doubts had disappeared. And with a stiff reared, snappin’ out of the gate gave them direct torque to the rear hub.
In the end, Redline’s Global team left that day feeling confident that our new FLIGHT carbon would meet their challenges and help improve their chances for Olympic glory next year.