Red Bull Skylines Results

Press Release:

Sold out crowd watches Ryan Nyquist win the Red Bull Skylines event in the Grand Palais.

Paris, 2 November 2012.  Everything was big at the Grand Palais in Paris, France tonight as 5600 spectators showed up to see 25 top pro BMX riders compete for the Red Bull Skylines title. BMX legend Ryan Nyquist (USA) beat the pain to step it up one more time in the final in front of a roaring crowd and won the Best Trick award with a cannonball double barspin at the same time. Place two went to San Diego local Dennis Enarson who also got voted by his fellow riders as Skylines rider of the week. Red Bull rider Daniel Dhers (Ven) turned it on and finished third in Paris.

The set up impressed everyone who stepped inside the Grand Palais building. With its tall glass roof, the monumental place was a perfect venue for the event. 11 truckloads of pre-built ramps had been put together to form the biggest BMX park course at an event ever. The original design had the riders buzzing and they showed that in their riding. It was either going big, or going home.

Says winner Ryan Nyquist: "When I heard about this contest I just had to be there. Having a BMX contest inside an amazing venue like this is incredible. With the gigantic ramps, and the group of riders who were here, you could expect things to go nuts." He continued:  "Things were done the right way in every way and that reflects in the riding. I'm so stoked I pulled the tricks I wanted to do and getting the win feels awesome."

The event was one of the biggest BMX events France has ever seen.  The crowd left wondering what's next. The sky is the limit?

Final Results Red Bull Skylines:
1. Ryan Nyquist (USA)
2. Dennis Enarson (USA)
3. Daniel Dhers (Venezuela)
4. Ben Hennon (England)
5. Daniel Sandoval (USA)
6. Ryan Taylor (England)

Best line: Ben Hennon (hip whip into Sosh take-off)
Rider choice award: Dennis Enarson
Best trick: Ryan Nyquist (double barspin cannonball)

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(L to R) Enarson, Nyquist, Dhers, Hennon.
Daniel Dhers.
Ryan Nyquist.