Pumped BMX 2 Promo

Wow, the follow up to the wildly popular iPhone/iPad/Android game looks so good, and it looks as if they’ve added some street-oriented style aspects with grinds and manuals. Pumped BMX 2 won’t be out until summer, but we can at least gawk some screenshots…


‘Pumped BMX 2’ is an addictive extreme sports game for real enthusiasts. The aim of the game is to make it to the end of the level by landing a series of jumps smoothly, whilst also beating a number of trick and score challenges. The levels start simply but quickly become fiendishly difficult, and literally millions of potential trick combinations ensure the challenges stay fresh.


‘Pumped BMX 2’ is the follow up to Adam Hunt’s first game, ‘Pumped: BMX’. It expands upon the simple design of the first game with beautiful 3D graphics, added ‘grind’ and ‘manual’ obstacles as well as ‘combo’ tricks, leading to an almost unlimited amount of freedom in the tricks that you do. The 16 air tricks (double the number from Pumped 1) have been painstakingly animated by Adam, who with 15 years of practical BMX experience has ensured that they are as true to life as possible. Every tiny detail – from slightly off axis rotation to the way the rider looks over his shoulder while rotating – has been accounted for. It’s this knowledge of the sport and attention to detail that makes ‘Pumped BMX 2’ a true BMX game for BMXers. After working on the game during evenings and weekends for about a year, Adam recently went ‘full time indie’ in order to devote more time to the games’ development. Adam is hoping to release ‘Pumped BMX 2’ in Summer 2014 for iPhone and iPad, with an Android release following soon after.


  • 16 carefully animated tricks
  • Millions of combos including grind and manual lines
  • 4 worlds with awesome unique environments
  • More to be announced…