Oldscool BMX Kickstarter Project

Hal Brindley and Leigh Ramsdell have teamed up to reprint limited editions of their old 2B, Play, and Useless T-shirts and have a Kickstarter project going to help fund it and get their old printing equipment fixed up. They're already halfway to their goal, so hopefully you guys can help finish it off.

Go to their Kickstarter page here, watch the video to learn all about it, see what other rad stuff they've got happening with Oldscool, and help out a couple of awesome dudes that have helped BMX in so many ways over the years and made it so much fun to be a BMXer.

Hal and Leigh in the PLAY/Useless headquarters circa 1996.
Hal B wearing 2B’s all time best-selling shirt.
Get one of the last remaining PLAY posters, signed by the team, with the Collector’s Package.