Old School Haro Freestyle Team At The BMX Worlds 2009

Press Release:

Due to the 25th anniversary of BMX at Cologne Jugendpark, the original Haro Freestyle Team from the 80’s will present their legendary show at the BMX Worlds from July, 10th to 12th 2009.

Düsseldorf/Cologne April, 29th 2009 The official IBMXFF World Championships gonna be RAD this year, regarding to the motto: “Back to the roots” the members of the worldwide most famous BMX-Team, the Haro BMX Freestyle Team with Ron Wilkerson, Brian Blyther and Dave Nourie will show the best moves out of the 80’s!
No other than old time tour announcer Kevin Martin will be on the mic to cheer up the crowd! Actually the founder of the BMX-Freestylesport, Bob Haro himself, announced his coming.

Don’t miss one of the greatest Freestyle Teams of all times rocking the Jugendpark on their original 80’s Bikes, Ramps and Outfit. Come and celebrate the 25th anniversary of BMX at the Cologne Jugendpark with us this summer.