Old-School George’s Benefit Jam in San Jose

NorCal jam for a good cause. If you’re around San Jose this Sunday get to it…

“For all those who are friends with Jorge Luzuriaga – or as we affectionately know him as “OSG” – would know that he was severely beaten and robbed after leaving the Sonoma Bike Expo on August 18th. Those thugs stole his camera, camera equipment and his beloved flatland bike. They beat him so bad, he had teeth knocked out, bruised and cracked ribs, a dislocated shoulder, multiple bruises and lacerations and a concussion…. One of the NorCal BMX Family’s goals was to replace his bike. We already raised our goal of $1,200 – and with generous parts donations plus the cash donated, we will be able to replace his old, beat-up klunker with a brand new flatland ride. Any money left over will go to the Luzuriaga‘s to help with medical and dental bills. Jorge is the primary wage earner, supporting he and his wife while she attends medical school to better their lives.

With that, we are holding a JAM to further raise money for the Luzuriaga’s. It will be on September 8th, 2013 at Lake Cunningham Regional Skatepark. Flatland, park and street riders are welcome.”