Nigel Sylvester Leaves Mirraco

After six years on Mirraco, Nigel Sylvester is making moves and leaving the team. Here’s what he had to say about moving on:

“Major thank you to everyone at Mirraco! It’s been a hell of a ride. Six years to be exact. Mirraco was one of the first companies to give me a chance and for that I will forever be grateful.”

So what’s next? “I got something real big in the works…” —Nigel.

Leaving’ you in suspense! Looks like we’ll have to wait a bit for the big news.


Here’s the press release from Mirraco:
Carlsbad, CA – Mirraco and team rider Nigel Sylvester will be parting ways in 2012. Nigel was a member of Mirraco's powerhouse 2011 team of world class riders that included Dave Mirra, Harry Main, Kyle Baldock, Andy Buckworth, and Chris Hughes "We're going to miss Nigel. He was a great ambassador for Mirraco, an amazing rider, and a really good guy all rolled into one", stated Mirraco's President, Jim Ford. Nigel is leaving Mirraco on good terms after nearly six years of working together.

"While we hate to see Nigel go, we understand why he's chosen to move on. He's been given a unique opportunity to help build a brand. He's always been interested in product design, promotion, and creating an image around his lifestyle. His new role will give him full control over all of those areas of the business and that's something Mirraco just couldn't offer him. We wish Nigel all the best in what is a big step in his ongoing career in the bike business. I'm sure he'll do a great job, and we look forward to watching him progress.", said Ford.

"I want to express my deepest gratitude to Dave Mirra, Jim Ford and the whole Mirraco staff. It’s been an awesome ride for the past 6 years. I’ve had the opportunity to learn so much, and I’m truly grateful", commented Nigel Sylvester.

Big news from Nigel coming soon... Photo: Fat
Big ol' hop. Photo: Zielinski