New Heroes of Dirt Fundraiser

The crew from Heroes of Dirt are back at it with yet another fundraising campaign to get the movie out to the world…

Hi movie supporters, today we’ve started another fundraising campaign with IndieGoGo with Heroes of Dirt! This time we get to keep whatever we raise (unlike last time) even if we don’t meet our goal, so that’ll go towards our finishing funds for final editing, sound design and music licensing.

It’s really important that we get the film fully done by the beginning of 2013 for our potential distributor in Los Angeles. We can then plan to release theatrically in select U.S. cities by Spring/Summer 2013. We’ve undergone enough delays due to lack of funding, so this is a great opportunity for you to stand with us, support us and/or share this link with your network:

We have great perks like signed pre-sale DVDs, shirts, hoodies, limited-edition posters and movie premiere tickets. It’s estimated that there’s at least 5 times of follow-ups needed for any action to go through, so please keep spreading the word and following up.

Thanks, and let’s get this film done!