Kyle Baldock on Total BMX

“After much speculation I feel it is time to announce that Kyle Baldock will be joining the TotalBMX team. The whole team is stoked on this signing and we cant wait to watch him riding for the brand at all the major events this summertime. I can personally say that I am very stoked to have Kyle onboard and feel he is the icing on the cake for us, our team has always been great but now it really has got incredible and we couldn't be more happy with the guys we have representing the brand. It seems that each of our riders has the ability to come up with new things, and push boundaries on a bike and this is why Kyle is a perfect fit. Kyle is currently filming for a new Total BMX edit which promises to be something special and we look forward to seeing yet another amazing edit from one of our riders. Kyle welcome to the team, lets ride! —Ronnie Remo, Owner/ Brand manager.

The Total BMX team now looks like this:
U.K-Mark Webb, Alex Coleborn, Jack Watts, Kyle Blake.
USA-Daniel Sandoval, Ricky Moseley
Australia-Kyle Baldock, Todd Meyn, Andrew Ahumada, Chance Brejnakowski, Dylan White.
Germany-David Reincke
Hungary- Konrad Szabo

“I’m extremely stoked to be joining such a cool bike company owned and run by riders with a cool attitude and the most progressive team out there”  —Kyle Baldock”