Kevin Porter Off Fly Bikes

After eight years Kevin Porter is no longer riding for Fly. Kevin sent us this e-mail with his sentiments on the time spent in the Fly family. As for what's next for KP sponsor-wise, unsure, but Empire chimed in with a statement, too.


"After eight long loyal years with Flybikes I have decided to part ways.  My time with Flybikes has been nothing but amazing. I feel extremely privileged to have been involved with the growth of such a beautiful company. The team has been a family to me, shaping my mind and giving me nothing but positive experiences. I'm going to miss all of my Flybikes family. I would like to thank each and every one of them for making me the person I am today.

My reason for leaving is nothing more than an opportunity for change. Leaving behind work that has built the foundation for what is to come. Exploring new options and taking on strange new goals. I have decided to work with different friends in the BMX world.
Follow my Instagram to see more about the new path I'm taking @kevinporterbmx
For now, I hope Flybikes the best and I know that with business aside we will always be family." — Kevin Porter

"We'll be facilitating KP's bike needs through partnership with some of our most trusted and respected brands.  I'll leave it up to them to make announcements as they see fit, but as long as our doors are open, we'll make sure Kevin never pays for a bike part.  He has been with us since Empire's conception and is a lifer.  He's riding better than ever, and is going to mix things up like you don't even know very soon"Tom Williams at Empire